This rebranding of The Ephemera Society’s monthly digital release 'The Ephemera Journal' combines typographic elements, illustration and graphic interest to create a visual journey to accompany these scholarly articles. Dig deep in your junk drawers, scrapbooks and glove compartments and immerse yourself in the stories that make these objects of ephemera so memorable.

Editorial Design  /  Layout Design  /  Illustration  /  Type Treatment  /  Photography Art Direction

Visual Identity
Dynamic  /  Informative  /  Intentional
'The Ephemera Journal' is for the history buff, the nostalgic collector, the grandma who scrapbooks or your college professor. Targeting its scholarly readers, my re-branding took a fresh and artistic take on these multi-dimensional stories. 
Since 'The Ephemera Journal' is currently displayed digitally on The Ephemera Society of America website in a very organized and almost sterile manner, I took upon the challenge of making sure it's design matched it's colorful contents. 

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