Located in the heart of West Hollywood's nightlife district, Doctor Agave Medicinal Tequila Bar grants you the benefits of natural mezcal medicine without the hassle, poking and prodding of a trip to the doctor's office. Screw your grandma's chicken soup; a night out at Doctor Agave is just what your body needs. We got the kind of shots you'll only want more of. 

Packaging Design  /  Illustration  /  Logo Design  /  Branding  / Copywriting

Visual Identity
Cultural /  Medicinal  /  Grunge
Cultural Rhetoric
As a designer, you often have to wear many hats. When creating a product, it's important to be in tune to the rhetoric surrounding your brand and the environment in which your idea may originate from. In branding Doctor Agave, I made it a top priority for my imagery, brand positioning and copywriting to pay respect to the deep cultural roots of tequila and the agave plant, and to make sure that my design told an accurate story of it's origins.
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